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Our Services

Our Services For You

Wezpa Consulting is much more than “tax preparation.” We are dedicated to providing quality financial services

that allow our clients to attain financial fitness and maturity.Below is a sampling of the services that we offer.

  • Tax Preparation

  • At Wezpa we engage in a wide range of tax preparation services, including individual tax returns, corporation taxes, and sales tax. Our tax experts are experienced in many state’s jurisdictions. In fact, we presently provide tax preparation and tax consultation to clients in ten states (including New York, Michigan, and California). Some of the tax related services that we provide include electronic filing (RAL, RT, Fast Deposit and Rapid Refund) and a range of other tax related loans.

  • Debt Management

  • Our debt management service is designed
    to assess the client’s financial
    health in order to determine the
    best suited program for the client’s
    debt recovery. Successful participants in our
    program can look forward to a better credit
    report, a realistic outlook on their
    financial future, and healthy financial behavior.

  • Management Consulting

  • This program is designed to allow
    our small business clients to structure
    their operations efficiently, we formalize
    and implement well-planned custom
    strategies. This results in greater utilization
    of existing resources and personnel, as well
    as give our clients effective strategies
    that can be used immediately.

  • Life Insurance

  • By helping our clients choose from a
    thoroughly researched pool of the most effective
    policies, we ensure that our clients get the
    policy that best suits their needs.
    Our experience and counsel is
    trusted and has resulted in many satisfied

  • Accounting

  • We assist our clients with bookkeeping
    procedures, and we specialize in accounting
    software training, accounts receivable, accounts
    payable, budgeting, and general
    accounting services.